We wanted to feature Malinda on our blog because of her beautiful life in which she inspires so many with her sweet personality and drive to pursue her dreams. It was fun getting to know Malinda and being able to visit her in her environment. We inquired with a few questions without the need of changing a thing she said. The answers she gave us couldn't have been said any better!

We hope you enjoy these responses just as much as we do.

I am a business school student at the University of Utah and between this and my two part time jobs I am always creating something. I love taking photos, painting with watercolors, sending out snail mail, strumming nonsense on my guitar, swimming in lakes, motorcycle trips, and of course making jewelry.

My biggest source of inspiration would have to be my mom, she’s taught me how to be observant of my actions in the world and this has brought out my caring nature and has made me driven to share beautiful things with others. She also sparked and encouraged my creativity growing up, in every phase of my life I have been motivated by her to give the ideas I constantly dream about an existence.

Some of my earliest memories were creating jewelry out of flowers and aluminum can pull-tabs, looking back at the evolution of my creations keeps me inspired and grateful to be where I am at today. It wasn’t until just over a year ago when I realized that I could create a piece of jewelry from all raw materials and I fell in love with the idea of absolute creative freedom. My dad had built what I now call the Jewelry Shed for my sister and me when we were younger and the space was perfect for a workbench so I jumped right into teaching myself about working with metal.

A few things that make me feel inspired and alive are traveling to new places whether its across state lines or just a neighborhood close to where I live, I love to be in new environments. I am also inspired by the amazing artists and all around beautiful people that I have met in Salt Lake City, there is such a supportive community of artists here that I don’t think I could find anywhere else.

Anyone looking for inspiration should start with venturing outside of the normal places they go, whether it’s visiting a new coffee shop, taking a different walk home, or just exploring a new place. I have met some of the most interesting people and seen some beautiful things doing this. Finding inspiration is easy if you look close enough even at your daily surroundings.

Desert Rose Jewelry is inspired by a series of dreams with imagery of the southwestern desert. I began making jewelry in 2008 and evolved to create limited edition and one of a kind pieces as a self-taught metalsmith. Every piece I make reflects the beautiful desert landscape and spirt of the southwest.

By: Malinda  Fisher.

Music by: The Spyrals.

You can see more of Malinda HERE HERE

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