"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." 
Elizabeth  Kubler Ros.

When we are not talking, hiking or laughing, we are likely coming up with some crazy photo shoot idea.  But the best kind of  projects are the ones that are spontaneous and didn't require much preparation. And this one surely was.

This babe right here is amazing in front of the camera. In other words, she a natural. This shoot didn't required much effort, the way Macy is able to stand in front of the camera and do her magic is something that not a lot of people are able to do.
Here is what a few hours or laughing and playing around turned in to.. enjoy!

Song by; The Kills


This week we are excited to have the lovely Natasha on GoldRaven. This is her story, I hope you find it just as inspirational as we did. 
We love having different types of people on GoldRaven, and getting to understand the way they perceive life, as well as what makes them feel alive make us admire the beauty and uniqueness of each and one of us.

" Life is this incredible journey that we all have to take, and I have this feeling I may never find out who exactly I am, or who I'm meant to be, and that's ok. There are a few things that I do know, I am an average female born and raised in the State of Utah, always searching for more than just religion, big families, and "who's more perfect then who."

I currently attend UVU (Utah Valley University) as an Art major, soon to be a photography major. I am obsessed with art, and always have been. there is something so mysterious about the fact, that art has always been around. the greatest thing about it, is that it speaks to people in ways most can't comprehend. Look up any of goyas "dark paintings" (my favorite collection) and try to feel what he felt as he painted them. Wow! That's mostly what I want for my photographs, for people to see them, and maybe somehow feel either what I felt or what my subjects felt. Whether it be the love between an engaged couple, the confidence in a model, the joy in a child, or the loyalty of a family. However- what most don't know is what I truly want to shoot, world problems. There's a quote by Picasso "art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." That's exactly what I plan on doing. Disturbing the comfortable. There are real issues out there that I feel just aren't being addressed, or have not been pushed as much as they should be.  

my family, for the most part has inspired me to be who i am. My parents have always inspired me to be the best that I can potentially be. Most kids in Utah grew up with a working father, and stay at home mom. I grew up with two full time working parents. They always made positive that us kids knew what we want in life never comes free, then how do we get what we want? Work, HARD work! My grandparents and my siblings have played a very big part in the person I am today. They inspire me every day. Last but not least my twin sister, and my husband. Everyday they have to hear my struggles, and my triumphs yet everyday they seem to love me more then the day before.

When I was about 8. an old friend named Dane gave me a 35mm film Barbie camera. I had no idea how to work the dang thing. Lucky for me my dad has always had an interest in scenery photography he had an slr film camera at the time and showed me the magic of shooting what ever you put your mind to, oh... And how to work my camera. We went on vacation as a family to st. George Utah and the power was out EVERYWHERE due to one of the biggest fires I had ever seen. I remember arriving to our hotel and behind the tacky sign was this amazing background of blazing flames, smoke, and ash. So what do photographers do best? We shoot! I only shot one photo, but when I got that film developed the photograph was absolutely beautiful! Well- at least to an 8 year old. I have that barbie camera, and photo still today. Since then I can't put a camera down. That, I believe is when I knew I 
wanted to be a Photographer.

I've always known I am different than most , but that's how we all see ourselves. It's going to sound
totally weird, but disturbing things inspire me. Not freaky disturbing, more like how a person feels when they're depressed, or why we're all running away from this place called hell yet so many don't believe in a heaven? I am obsessed with the human skull. It totally sounds odd when I say it out loud, but that's who I am. Why pretend to be anything other than that? I guess it inspires me to expose the wrong in this world. Good music, amazing playlists, and good ol' fashion jazz makes me feel more alive than a lot of things. This will sound so cliche, shooting photos inspires me AND makes me feel alive. It's the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life! Every day it gets more hard rather than easy, there's so much to it. It's constantly changing, and as a photographer I feel like I have to change with it. Of course I have my style that usually some how keeps its place, but the day I am not changing, is the day I've given up. The day I am 100% satisfied with my work, is the day I've stopped progressing. You can get really self conscience in this line of work because you notice only the good things in others photographs, and only the bad in your own. So being inspired and staying inspired is the number one key at having success in photography, it's very crucial.

If you have not figured out who you are, then forget about it. Focus on the person you want to become. Never ever get comfortable in living in a black and white life, although very beautiful, you can get so cozy that you never move forward. Do things that frighten you, startle people that can't be startled, go places you never imagined you could go. I promise you that a colorful life will take you places you never dreamed of. A good tool to figure out that "missing piece" inside you is the three N's, Never stop looking, Never get discouraged, and to Never stop believing in yourself. You will find that one thing, and when you do... Your life will never be the same.

I feel like happiness to me is forgetting about living the way society wants me to live. To be considered someone outside the norm. Living my life the way It's meant to be lived... By me.

To see more of Natasha and her photography click HERE HERE


Today we have an amazing giveaway from Desert Rose Jewelry, the lovely Malinda is offering one of her beautiful handmade hand armor's to one lucky reader.

Malinda uses all raw materials to make every single one of her pieces. We are extremely excited to be able to collaborate with her for today's giveaway. Her jewelry is beyond beautiful and created with love.

To enter to win one of her hand armor please Follow Desert Rose Jewelry on Instagram
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Giveaway Update 8/13/12.

The winner of the hand armor is..Makayla Robinson

Congrats email me your address,


We wanted to feature Malinda on our blog because of her beautiful life in which she inspires so many with her sweet personality and drive to pursue her dreams. It was fun getting to know Malinda and being able to visit her in her environment. We inquired with a few questions without the need of changing a thing she said. The answers she gave us couldn't have been said any better!

We hope you enjoy these responses just as much as we do.

I am a business school student at the University of Utah and between this and my two part time jobs I am always creating something. I love taking photos, painting with watercolors, sending out snail mail, strumming nonsense on my guitar, swimming in lakes, motorcycle trips, and of course making jewelry.

My biggest source of inspiration would have to be my mom, she’s taught me how to be observant of my actions in the world and this has brought out my caring nature and has made me driven to share beautiful things with others. She also sparked and encouraged my creativity growing up, in every phase of my life I have been motivated by her to give the ideas I constantly dream about an existence.

Some of my earliest memories were creating jewelry out of flowers and aluminum can pull-tabs, looking back at the evolution of my creations keeps me inspired and grateful to be where I am at today. It wasn’t until just over a year ago when I realized that I could create a piece of jewelry from all raw materials and I fell in love with the idea of absolute creative freedom. My dad had built what I now call the Jewelry Shed for my sister and me when we were younger and the space was perfect for a workbench so I jumped right into teaching myself about working with metal.

A few things that make me feel inspired and alive are traveling to new places whether its across state lines or just a neighborhood close to where I live, I love to be in new environments. I am also inspired by the amazing artists and all around beautiful people that I have met in Salt Lake City, there is such a supportive community of artists here that I don’t think I could find anywhere else.

Anyone looking for inspiration should start with venturing outside of the normal places they go, whether it’s visiting a new coffee shop, taking a different walk home, or just exploring a new place. I have met some of the most interesting people and seen some beautiful things doing this. Finding inspiration is easy if you look close enough even at your daily surroundings.

Desert Rose Jewelry is inspired by a series of dreams with imagery of the southwestern desert. I began making jewelry in 2008 and evolved to create limited edition and one of a kind pieces as a self-taught metalsmith. Every piece I make reflects the beautiful desert landscape and spirt of the southwest.

By: Malinda  Fisher.

Music by: The Spyrals.

You can see more of Malinda HERE HERE

Stay tuned for a special giveaway from Desert Rose Jewelry in the near future.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We hired a greeting comity here long ago.
They stand at the top of the stairs when you walk in.
Their eyes ask how you've been, sniff your dirty knees.
Your adventure is pungent, and your eyes become transparent from the day of hiding.
Their tails wag as you walk past and set down the keys.
I felt the world melt apart in these next few steps for some 20 odd years.
The red door painted in grief.

All forgotten now, all past.
All the faces full of love.
All the cakes baked for birthdays and streamers of orange and black.
All the walls tacked with holes and laced with whispers.
All the countless nights.
All the furniture pulling itself over time into worn holes.

My sister and I would hear the zap of electronics being plugged in followed by a deafening Jimi Hendrix. We would wait for a big blue van to pull up and in the over packed driveway and honk. In a haste we gathered our books and cram in the small door, laughing and smiling. Our friends already welcomed and waiting impatiently for our arrival. A camcorder unsteadily placed in any one of our hands, we'd perfectly plan our escape. Everything uneventful and nonchalant filled video tape after video tape.

The trees grew with us and upheld our wild spirits. We never knew why we were here until we grew old with experiences and romance. Our veins comforting our aching hearts. Our friends were our family, and shoes didn't exist. It all runs through my head when the dogs wag their tails and comfort you endlessly with licks on the ankles.

Suddenly it makes sense, that home is where the heart is.


Happy Friday

Happy Friday Y'all!

Here we gave you a little something to jam to on this beautiful summer day. From Wyatt's inspiration series...

Smiley Lewis

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

We hope you guys have an incredible weekend, full of fun actives and surrounded by beautiful people!!

Ps. I'm happy to say that you guys crashed our site twice this week due to over viewing. Thank You!

Wyatt Maxwell

This week, we'd like to introduce Wyatt Maxwell .

Wyatt's passion for music sparked when he was seven years old and attended an AC/DC concert at the E Center in Salt Lake City, Ut...and that changed everything. For his eighth birthday he asked for a guitar and fell in love creating music, Wyatt says that "I haven't gone a day since without playing the guitar." Wyatt's main source of inspiration is Rosetta Tharpe and can be quoted saying she is his absolute favorite. He continues saying "there is just something about her that makes me happy when I listen to her. I could listen to her play the guitar and sing all day everyday and never get sick of it." While he finds inspiration with her unique style, Wyatt now enjoys creating his own music.

Wyatt's preferred style of music to play is Rockabilly and Rhythm N' Blues; all that dirty 40's and 50's music. The energy and beat of those decades were incredible and drive him wild. An example of music that he loves to let loose to is Smiley Lewis. Listen to any record of his and you'll feel as moved. As a fellow guitar player, Wyatt appreciates the style and sound of musicians at the time and feels that no one has ever been able to replicate the feel the music produces. 

Wyatt's love for music must have been contagious, he enjoys playing with his family band. When Wyatt was about 14 years old he and his siblings began creating music without any intention of starting a band. His brother Cole got a drum set around the same time he got his guitar and they started jamming together in their basement. Soon enough his other brother, Duke, started singing along and soon after they bought their dad a bass. After teaching him how to play, Mad Max and the Wild Ones was born. The family band then toured all over the United States, Europe and New Zealand. (To see more)

Wyatt's life now is very hectic but he loves every second. If he is lucky he is only home for a few days out of the month but he feels very blessed to be traveling the world and living his dream. Traveling, making music and sharing the company of incredible people leave him feeling that his life is never filled with a dull moment. Wyatt says "I never would have though six years ago that I would do a whole week on David Letterman!" (Check him out)

1959 Gibson es135 & 2009 Gretsch White Falcon
1962 Gretsch Country Gentleman & 2003 Gretsch 6120
2013 Gretsch White Penguin & 2003 Gretsch Country Club
1975 Guild X500

Macy and I consider Wyatt one of our closest friend and being able to see his journey with music and the wonderful things that he has accomplished over the years has been an honor. We are Inspired by his dedication and consistency to keep following his dreams regardless of any obstacles life may bring him.

You can see more of Wyatt (HERE) & (HERE)