Wyatt Maxwell

This week, we'd like to introduce Wyatt Maxwell .

Wyatt's passion for music sparked when he was seven years old and attended an AC/DC concert at the E Center in Salt Lake City, Ut...and that changed everything. For his eighth birthday he asked for a guitar and fell in love creating music, Wyatt says that "I haven't gone a day since without playing the guitar." Wyatt's main source of inspiration is Rosetta Tharpe and can be quoted saying she is his absolute favorite. He continues saying "there is just something about her that makes me happy when I listen to her. I could listen to her play the guitar and sing all day everyday and never get sick of it." While he finds inspiration with her unique style, Wyatt now enjoys creating his own music.

Wyatt's preferred style of music to play is Rockabilly and Rhythm N' Blues; all that dirty 40's and 50's music. The energy and beat of those decades were incredible and drive him wild. An example of music that he loves to let loose to is Smiley Lewis. Listen to any record of his and you'll feel as moved. As a fellow guitar player, Wyatt appreciates the style and sound of musicians at the time and feels that no one has ever been able to replicate the feel the music produces. 

Wyatt's love for music must have been contagious, he enjoys playing with his family band. When Wyatt was about 14 years old he and his siblings began creating music without any intention of starting a band. His brother Cole got a drum set around the same time he got his guitar and they started jamming together in their basement. Soon enough his other brother, Duke, started singing along and soon after they bought their dad a bass. After teaching him how to play, Mad Max and the Wild Ones was born. The family band then toured all over the United States, Europe and New Zealand. (To see more)

Wyatt's life now is very hectic but he loves every second. If he is lucky he is only home for a few days out of the month but he feels very blessed to be traveling the world and living his dream. Traveling, making music and sharing the company of incredible people leave him feeling that his life is never filled with a dull moment. Wyatt says "I never would have though six years ago that I would do a whole week on David Letterman!" (Check him out)

1959 Gibson es135 & 2009 Gretsch White Falcon
1962 Gretsch Country Gentleman & 2003 Gretsch 6120
2013 Gretsch White Penguin & 2003 Gretsch Country Club
1975 Guild X500

Macy and I consider Wyatt one of our closest friend and being able to see his journey with music and the wonderful things that he has accomplished over the years has been an honor. We are Inspired by his dedication and consistency to keep following his dreams regardless of any obstacles life may bring him.

You can see more of Wyatt (HERE) & (HERE)

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